Positive ThanksLiving


What is Positive ThanksLiving?

Facing the world with optimism – strategic optimism!

Not that pie-in-the-sky, everything is perfect stuff… rather, the bold assertion:


I am loved by the One who designed me as the person I’m becoming.


I am thankful for all the good in my life and live a grateful existence.


I encourage others & know the importance of being encouraged myself.

Positive Action

I face each day with the desire & plans to take consistent positive action.

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Curiosity and questions spark relationships.

Curiosity and questions. Get curious. It might take a relationship to the next level. Sure, being kind is important, but maybe curiosity holds an even greater power? Curiosity may even develop into empathy for others. It's about asking questions - the right questions....

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Good friends help us appreciate the journey.

Good friends help us appreciate the journey. How would you identify a good friend? For me, loyalty is a necessary value. What other values would you identify in a good friend? Perhaps: empathetic, trustworthy, supportive, humorous... Do you have any of those traits?...

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Grief is yet another way to express love.

Life goes on. And as positive as that statement is, it can be a jarring reality when we are working through a sad goodbye. Photos are an important part of grieving, as is reviewing memories. The act of grieving may never end, but it does change. It softens and the...

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The value of a moment.

This first day of a new year has me sifting through conflicting emotions. People I cherish are celebrating the birth of a long awaited baby. Oh, what joy in a dream realized.  And yet others are coping with the untimely death of a sister and friend - the first in...

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Be thankful for now.

Be thankful for now. Is that difficult sometimes? Yes. It can be. I've been there. If you're looking at your "now", and it's so far from what you want or what you had, it can feel discouraging. Our inner push to set goals or our outer need for achievement and...

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You are capable of so much – now go do it.

You are capable. It's time to stop thinking you can not  - and step up. Move on. Reach out. Push forward. Lean into... You are capable of so much! Set your achievable goal. Make a plan. Now go do it. And don't discount a small goal. They count. Even if it's a small...

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You’ll see a change if you make one.

You'll see a change if you make one. What are you waiting for? If you're waiting for something to happen in your life, maybe it's time for you to take action. Chicken or egg? It's so easy to look at our life and think it needs to change. That's as far as we go. And...

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Positive People in Your Life – Need more?

Positive people in your life - do you have enough of those kinds of encouragers around you? Sometimes we need to have less of one thing and more of another... Here's an idea: Be so positive that negative people don't want to be around you. (I dare you not to smile at...

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Prayer Provides Strength

Prayer provides strength. And isn't strength what we all really need as we face challenges and questions? Strength to move forward, strength to meet the challenge, strength to persevere, strength to overcome, strength to stand our ground, strength to... As good as...

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Growing in Wisdom and Patience

Wisdom and patience - are they synonymous? Is there a connection? Rob, my husband, writes weekly about values in business and leadership.  The sentences below concluded his post last week.  Have you ever noticed that when you sit with a wise person, they also seem to...

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