Positive ThanksLiving


What is Positive ThanksLiving?

Facing the world with optimism – strategic optimism!

Not that pie-in-the-sky, everything is perfect stuff… rather, the bold assertion:


I am loved by the One who designed me as the person I’m becoming.


I am thankful for all the good in my life and live a grateful existence.


I encourage others & know the importance of being encouraged myself.

Positive Action

I face each day with the desire & plans to take consistent positive action.

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Practice Realistic Optimism

Go ahead. When you're practicing realistic optimism it's part of the process to identify and acknowledge the constraints. Because there will be obstacles and issues. Bad stuff happens. We have dilemmas and barriers. Nothing is perfect. Ever. But don't stop there! What...

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What would a kind friend say?

If you were hurting, discouraged, angry, indignant, despondent, uncomfortable and/or generally blah... What would a kind friend say to you? There's a good chance what you're saying to yourself (your inner dialogue) is different from what a loving friend would say to...

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Grief is yet another way to express love.

Life goes on. And as positive as that statement is, it can be a jarring reality when we are working through a sad goodbye. Photos are an important part of grieving, as is reviewing memories. The act of grieving may never end, but it does change. It softens and the...

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The value of a moment.

This first day of a new year has me sifting through conflicting emotions. People I cherish are celebrating the birth of a long awaited baby. Oh, what joy in a dream realized.  And yet others are coping with the untimely death of a sister and friend - the first in...

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Be thankful for now.

Be thankful for now. Is that difficult sometimes? Yes. It can be. I've been there. If you're looking at your "now", and it's so far from what you want or what you had, it can feel discouraging. Our inner push to set goals or our outer need for achievement and...

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Reach out to share your wish and obstacle.

Isolation is the dream killer. Reach out! Reach out to share your wish and obstacle. Then surround yourself with people who are dedicated to helping you overcome your obstacle. These are Barbara Sher's ideas. She says that, as humans, we are problem solvers. Even if...

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Lori Ferguson is an optimist. She’s married to Robert and they have three adult children and one grandboy. They’ve been crossing off their bucket-list items, including a few years living and traveling in an RV. Lori’s the author of “Moving Past Procrastination to a Great Marriage“. You can also find her writing online at EncourageYourSpouse.com

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