The greatest gift is a portion of yourself…

Giving gifts of time, of thoughtful words, of tangible help and handmade or bought items – they’re all parts of who you are – a portion of yourself in some small way when given with intention…

Is there a part of yourself in every intentional gift you give?

The greatest gift is a portion of thyself.

I found the above quote, from Ralph Waldo Emerson, and it sparked some thoughts about giving.

In the last month and more, our son and daughter-in-love have received an abundance of heartfelt, inspiring, and sympathetic words and actions, gifts, and practical help that truly reflect a portion of the givers. Some of the gifts of self have been private and quiet. Others have stood, strong and steady, intentionally giving of themselves. Selflessly. Without any barrier – or at least it feels that way…

When a giver gives a portion of themself, you feel it.

The “what” almost falls away, and it’s that portion – that perfect heart-open, uncensored gift of self that shines.

And every – EVERY – gift where a portion of the giver is part… is welcomed and needed. It helps. It makes the darkness brighter. It’s something solid to hang on to when circumstances shift.

And an intentional portion of the giver is something to truly be thankful for…

So the next time you’re given a gift – stop and see it as an intentional heart-piece of the person who is giving it to you…

The “what” isn’t as important as the person.

We are saying “thank you” for the gift coming from a person’s heart. Perhaps, the best part of themself.

Yes. The Greatest Gift.

“The greatest gift is a portion of thyself.“ Ralph Waldo Emerson - exploring what it means to give a portion of yourself when you give a gift...

As a person who believes in God, His Son, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit – the Triune God – I have a direct path in my circling thoughts on the above quote, to the greatest gift ever given.


Fully human, a person born into this world with everything a human-being battles, yet also fully Divine. God incarnate.

(My little intellect can’t explain it all.)

And, then, Jesus intentionally gave the gift of himself – all of himself, not just a portion.

He knew how much He had to give… and He did.

For me. And for you. In fact, for every soul, ever. Jesus gave up Himself – all of Himself.

I feel the wonder of that gift every day – if I’m paying attention.

There’s a “thank you” flowing out of me without barrier… for the greatest gift – it’s priceless.

Maybe invest a little time over the next few weeks, considering how Jesus gave all of Himself.

And say “thank you” in your own way…

What heart-gift, a portion (or all) of yourself could you give?

If you’re interested in paper crafting, take a look at the video I made on how the project in the images came together. I’m intending it as a gift for someone (I actually made two) – it has an intentional part of myself put into the gift…