Let’s take a moment and chat about happy things – it might take a bit of effort, but it’s a worthwhile habit to grow…

I’m re-reading a book called “Atomic Habits” by James Clear on how to use small habits to make good changes in life. Simple things, like removing the friction between a good habit and the action you take to do it.

For example, I need to move more for my health, so I’ve paired my favorite morning habit of enjoying a cup of coffee with a gentle stretching routine using an online video app. See, it’s nothing radical. And it’s fitting in quite well because it’s now part of a habit I already have!

What’s another important habit to cultivate?

Make it a habit to chat about happy things.

Positivity isn’t something radical either – no more than moving for your health. It’s brain health.

And yes, positive thinking is not enough, we also need the ability to work with effective focus, to be consistent, to have patience, and wait for the right moment and then follow through…

However, all of the above is more likely with a positive attitude. An optimistic mindset.

So – how could you begin a habit of cultivating a positive attitude and an optimistic mindset?

Pair your time with others – use the habit of good questions.

I’m a fan of asking good questions. It’s something I’m determined to get better at… and I want to share a few good questions (instead of the tried and tired) from someone online – (I love his biz title “Finding Good”) :

1 – “What was the most interesting part of your day today?”

2 – “What’s the best part of your job?”

3 – “What are you most proud of… “ The author of this question suggests this is a good question to use when others are going through a hard time. He says this is a good question to ask: “In all this that you’re going through, what are you most proud of that you’re doing…?

And as a bonus, when someone says that everything is crap – there’s nothing good to chat about, then ask: “What’s the least crappy thing that happened today?” That question made me chuckle. (Least crappy – the idea is that the term makes us prioritize.)

Your time chatting can improve your mindset and others too!

Whether you’re in a family setting, at work, or in a ministry opportunity – lead (or redirect) the conversation toward optimism through questions. Good questions.

Need more ideas on questions? (not all of these are what I’d call “good questions” but you can pick and choose from ideas using this app.

Chat about good things

In an often-experienced synergy, Rob and I chatted just this morning about the idea of good questions! We were talking about the books we’re reading – I shared a little from my Atomic Habits books and then he shared his current book. Rob is re-reading a book about Alexander the Great, who was educated from the age of 12-16 by Aristotle, the Greek philosopher. Aristotle suggested that another facet of good questions was the way in which they’re asked – the tone, the pause, the phrasing etc. Hmmm – lots to think about in that, right?

If you’d like more images, including the one in the title about tea – you can click HERE – to find a fun page of “Tea Quotes”. Enjoy!