Learning is a treasure you can take with you everywhere.

It can’t be stolen. No matter what’s happening – feast or famine – you continue to own what you’ve learned. It’s like a library – a personal stash of resources to help in the future. However, not all things we take in and learn can be considered good. Or useful.

Therefore it’s up to each of us to be deliberate in what we add to our treasure chest… Is it going to be useful in a pinch, in a narrow spot, in a crisis, or even to pass along to someone else?

What are you learning? Is it a treasure?

Would you consider what you’ve been learning as a treasure? And I’m not talking about formal learning – a course, or a school assignment… learning happens whether you’re pursuing something formally or not. No matter what you do, what you consume, who you talk with, or watch and read… you’re learning something…

  • On social media, is what you’re consuming a “treasure”? Does it adding something positive to your life? If you were to share what you’ve been watching or consuming on social media, would you be embarrassed?
  • What books are you reading? Are you reading anything? Can you remember something you’ve read that will benefit you or anyone else?
  • When you speak with others, what is your conversation like? Are you learning anything from them? Are they learning from you? Is it good? Everyone you meet has value to share – from the oldest to the youngest. (As an example, I know much more than I wanted about dinosaurs because our oldest grand is a repository of facts and at the opposite end, time invested with a couple married 50+ years has taught me so much on how to make even difficult times a source of joy.) Yes, it’s possible to learn from anyone, as long as you ask good questions. If I were to ask you – right now – to share some wisdom, what would you give me?

As humans, we can’t help but take in information. It’s innate. It will either benefit us… or not.

Consequently, be aware – what you learn follows you everywhere.

Make what you learn a treasure!

How? Be deliberate. Learning is a treasure.

  1. If you’re using social media, display your favorite quotes, YouTube videos, and share humor to brighten someone’s day. Maybe ask yourself first (before you share) “Is this a treasure?”.
  2. When you’re speaking with someone, ask good questions. You will be amazed at how much you can learn if you ask good questions and listen intently. (Stumped on what to ask? Here’s a few – click here if you need ideas.)
  3. In whatever you’re reading or hearing, if you find something interesting, write it down! I use a journal. There are many I’ve seen who use their journals to remember valuable truths when they’re listening in church. I’ll often record hymn lyrics… there’s so much to learn there! I also have a handmade journal called “wit and wisdom” that I ask my friends and family to leave me a either a piece of valuable wisdom or a joke.

If I were to look at your social media, would I be gathering treasures?

And if we were having a conversation, what treasures could I learn from you?

When we meet, what would you share in my “wit and wisdom” journal?

Leave a comment and help me gather some treasures today!

Learning is a treasure taht will follow its owner everywhere - be sure you're gathering and sharing treasures!