Are you somebody really special?

I’m going to imagine you’re shaking your head – probably saying “nope” – when I ask you the above question.

Even if I list all your accomplishments and talents, you’ll have a reason, and might tell me that other people have done and can do those kinds of things you’ve done.

And yet…

You are somebody really special.

Really special.


(I want you to think about owning that qualifier.

You might agree to the fact that you’re special, but want to downplay the “really” aspect. Yes. I get it. It’s hard for me also.)

How do I know that you’re somebody really special?

How could I know?

(Especially if I haven’t ever met you?)

Here’s the thing – I know that you are somebody really special because I have never met anyone, anyone at all*, who is not really special. Unique. Thoroughly valuable in every way, regardless of their flaws. I’m convinced that everyone on this planet or in eternity, anyone who was ever conceived… is special.

Each soul has unique, valuable worth.

It’s the way we all are made. Special. Really.

Let’s use an example – I’m watching friends document their journey as parents of three daughters, identical triplets, as these girls have grown in their first year of life. Outwardly these three individuals appear the same. They share a birth date, physical features, siblings, parents and grandparents, a household, the same life experiences, faith, people surrounding them, and more. And yet. Everything their parents document shows me that each one of these girls is uniquely special. They succeeded in walking on different dates, they have different habits, likes, dislikes, behaviors, fears, and favorites. So, even in the space of a little more than a year, these three identical triplets, are uniquely special individuals. Really.

Now, here’s the question…

Are you ready to be challenged… gently… privately… with only your well-being at heart…?

I’m smiling at you.

It’s a warm smile.

Come on, be ready…

Take heart – have courage…

How can you be more of yourself?

More you.

More uniquely you.

Don’t be shy.

Let those parts of you, that really special you, shine.

An interesting experience.

I’ve been pondering and processing an interesting experience…

A little while ago, someone I love, asked me to write down the answers to two questions:

  • What do you value about me?
  • What do you think my gift is?

After thinking and mulling – giving these questions the significance they deserved, I answered in an email. I know this person very well for all of their life. Answering wasn’t hard – you know what was hard? Distilling it into a short list! In fact, I think this person wanted me to answer with just one thing. I couldn’t. Not really. (I cheated by merging three into one and made sure to note that there was much more!)

Yes, I love this person. I’m biased.

But this experience has made me fully realize that if asked, I could answer these questions about every person I’ve met – I bet you could do the same if asked! (Do you pay attention to people? Even people that you don’t initially like?*) Because, if that person has shown us how really special they are, it’s going to be evident!

They are valued.

And as a somebody, really, deeply, needed.

Just like you

Today – how can you be more you?

(If you need to, maybe ask those you trust the two above questions I was asked… however, I’m guessing, if you let yourself, you already know the answers.)

            If you want to be somebody,
                                                               somebody really special,

                                       be yourself.

* So… what was that asterisk all about? Read this article about someone special who caught me being “that lady”… a stranger who I didn’t like. At first. But I could tell you how much I value him. He was a stranger I have met only once.

Here’s a video as I make the above tag, with the “voice over” being what is written above… hmmmm… here’s me trying to be more me. Taking my own challenge… LOL