Abide by beautiful truths and see your life transform.

An interesting point about this statement… promise… concept…

… is that each of us needs to decide what is truth – and what is a beautiful truth,

and then have a strategy to abide (act in accordance with) in that beautiful truth.

What are beautiful truths?

Rob and I are watching (re-watching) episodes of the television series “House“. In this series of episodes, the main character is an acerbic doctor who specializes in diagnostic medicine. Basically, anytime the hospital has a mysterious illness, Dr. House and his colleagues are called in to consult. One truth Dr. House espouses is that “Everybody lies.” By believing this truth, the writers of the television episodes illustrate how it’s impacting his life. (Spoiler – It’s not helping him improve the overall state of his life.) Regardless. Whether his belief is the truth or not, I’d never call it a beautiful truth!

So… what would you call a beautiful truth?


Of course, only you can ultimately decide what a beautiful truth is… but here are some to consider:

  • Love is the best action or reaction.
  • Joy is possible regardless of circumstance.
  • Those who promote peace find joy.
  • Gratitude is the seed of many valuable attributes.
  • Gentleness is strength under control.

What beautiful truths would you add?

Sometimes we’re in a rut – just plodding through life – or just trying to survive, and we forget that we have control over what we believe and how we act. It’s “just” a case of becoming deliberate.

In this time period of a year (and more) of a global pandemic that has changed all of our lives, we may feel constricted, flattened, maligned, misunderstood, pathless and floundering… However. But. Never forget that there are specific, beautiful truths that we can still live by – regardless (despite the prevailing circumstances).

First: be clear on what you believe is a beautiful truth.

Next: act on that beautiful truth.

Choose ONE beautiful truth, and act on it today.

Which one will you choose? Want a journaling card to print for yourself? See download below…

Still stumped? Here’s a list to begin to remind you of some: Love – Joy – Peace – Patience – Kindness – Goodness – Faithfulness – Gentleness – Self Control…

Or read this post for more ideas.

“Greatness is the capacity to utter and abide by beautiful truths.

Abide by beautiful truths - first, be clear on what you believe is a beautiful truth - then act on that truth.

Want to download a 4×6 inch journaling card like this? (Maybe add to your own journal – or put somewhere to remind you?) —–>CLICK HERE to download!