Let kindness rule your day. Be kind for no reason!

How could you be kind today? (You can begin with your spouse and family!)

  1. Smile at everyone – regardless.
  2. Let the other person go first.
  3. Offer to share your treats with your co-worker. And if you don’t have any… get some to share.
  4. Listen with your full attention.
  5. Send a card just to say hello – for no reason at all!
  6. Donate an item.
  7. Take a moment to play with a child or listen/talk with an elderly person.
  8. Pick up some trash – or recycle a trashed item.
  9. Hold open a door for the next person or two.
  10. Be patient, even if it’s hard.
  11. Put a coin in a candy machine to surprise someone.
  12. Leave a larger than normal tip – double your cheque/bill if you can
  13. Write a “thank you for all you do” on a bill you’re paying.
  14. Give a friend a compliment (even if it’s online).
  15. Write a post-it note with something fun and leave it on a window/mirror.
  16. Invite someone to go for a walk or a drive.
  17. Go out of your way to say “thank you” all day.
  18. Fill a parking meter with the extra change in your car/pocket.
  19. Share a funny video with someone – there is never enough laughter in a day.
  20. Wave to a neighbor.
  21. Let the person behind you in the grocery line go first.
  22. Offer a cold bottle of water to the mail/UPS/FedEx carrier.
  23. Put an item or two into the “donate” box at the grocery store.
  24. Count to 10 or 20 instead of getting angry – rearrange your face into a smile.
  25. Neaten the space, even if you haven’t made it messy.

Being kind – deliberately – is a wonderful way to connect with people.

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It will just take a moment, but what a positive perk you can introduce to everyone in your life. 

Download the above list – print it out – remind yourself!

Positive people know they’re loved, are thankful, encourage others, know the value of being encouraged themselves, and take positive action on their goals!

That’s what PositiveThanksLiving is all about!