I’m writing Christmas cards these days and also doing a series of collaging exercises. How do these two things intersect? Well, they’re all about positive words. Words that are encouraging and lovely, and true and honorable and…

Positive words – is your language, the words that come out of your mouth (or pen) optimistic?

Sure, we all need to talk about the serious stuff in our life. We need to explore solutions to problems and deal with where we’ve failed and what isn’t working in our lives. Yes. Those words will hold some deeply troubling statements of concern, and even self-reflective non-positive words and ideas. Please hear me: I’m not suggesting you overlook or avoid using words that cause angst for a good end purpose. Don’t ignore the bad. Fix it. Or find a way to (at least) make it into the best it could be, all things considered…

And yet, let’s not forget to also use positive words in our conversation about ourselves, our life, and even our really negative situations. As bad as it gets, there is the option to find words to frame at least some part of ourselves and our life and those around us in a good light…

What are some positive words?

When Rob and I talk to couples about cheap date night ideas, one of the favorite ideas is to go to a card shop and choose cards to read to each other. Financially you might not be able to purchase cards, but you can take a field trip to look through the cards and share the positive statements in them. And laugh at the funny ones.

Those greeting cards will (mostly) hold positive words… just like the Christmas cards I’m writing. Hope. Peace. Blessings. Joy… and more.

What are your favorite positive words?

Which ones do you use most often? Here are 100 of mine:

  1. thankful
  2. hopeful
  3. blissful
  4. persistent
  5. merry
  6. cheerful
  7. encouraged
  8. assured
  9. optimistic
  10. comforted
  11. enchanting
  12. contented
  13. pleased
  14. grateful
  15. expectant
  16. happy
  17. cherished
  18. courageous
  19. promising
  20. useful
  21. glad
  22. joyful
  23. zippy
  24. contented
  25. enthusiastic
  26. gratified
  27. grateful
  28. gentle
  29. serene
  30. glad
  31. sympathetic
  32. mellow
  33. amenable
  34. galvanized
  35. endorsed
  36. loved
  37. refreshed
  38. favorable
  39. enthusiastic
  40. willing
  41. responsive
  42. thanksliving
  43. useful
  44. boosted
  45. respected
  46. bright
  47. affirmed
  48. enlivened
  49. spurred
  50. promoted
  51. positive
  52. aided
  53. fostered
  54. fortified
  55. commended
  56. helped
  57. advocated
  58. playful
  59. upheld
  60. befriended
  61. jolly
  62. sparkling
  63. chuffed (this is one I’ve learned from my junk-journaling cohort from the UK)
  64. reassured
  65. blessed
  66. light-hearted
  67. worthwhile
  68. applauded
  69. reassured
  70. delightful
  71. beloved
  72. caring
  73. beneficial
  74. supported
  75. pleasant
  76. sweet
  77. heartened
  78. profitable
  79. lighthearted
  80. excited
  81. revered
  82. enthusiastic
  83. tickled
  84. exhilarated
  85. treasured
  86. responsive
  87. vibrant
  88. well-disposed
  89. endearing
  90. valued
  91. admired
  92. well-pleased
  93. restored
  94. strengthened
  95. passionate
  96. loved
  97. included
  98. helped
  99. resilient
  100. precious
  101. What word have I missed that you’d include?

Want to feel good?

Or at least begin to put some happy thoughts into your head… and share with others?

Here are two options:

A. Choose five of the words above, and think of a person in your life who reminds you of that particular word, or an instance where you felt that way… Then write a note to thank that person. (By-the-way, even if that person has passed, or you don’t have their address, still write the note, because expressing it on paper has power.)

B. Choose five of the words above and write five notes to special people who you’d wish that for… “Dear _____, my wish for you is that you feel… “)

To you – the person reading this post:

I’m thankful for you –

you are valued,

and my wish for you is to have all those positive words show up in your life

in special ways that demonstrate how very much you’re loved.



Throughout December I’ve been practicing collaging using a list of prompts. For today I used the prompt “add handwriting”, so here’s a video on what I did:

(click if you can’t see the player and this will take you to YouTube)

And if you’d like to download that image of all the positive words on a page you can click HERE.