How can you use one moment well today?

If you’re in the United States of America, you’ll be a part of Thanksgiving weekend and all its complications.

First off, let me wish you a blessed Thanksgiving.

Because of the title of the weekend and the focus of this site, I imagine you’re expecting me to ask you to be thankful about stuff, or express your gratitude over other things. Sure. That’s good. But we already talked about making gratitude a discipline and all the benefits…

And even if you’re elsewhere on this planet and not living in the USA… maybe you also need to consider how to use a moment well.

Sure you’re thankful.

But maybe you’re also feeling other feelings…

So I have an additional suggestion:

Use one moment well.

One moment or two – use it well.


drop your shoulders

unclench your jaw

relax your hands

close your eyes

take a deep breath

breathe out slow

repeat for the next few moments

Happy Thanksgiving – from our home to yours.

I’m thankful for you.

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