Maybe you don’t feel you’re ready or able to do great things.

That’s OK. Understood.

But you know what you could do?

You can do small things in a great way!

Small things in a great way? What kinds of small things, you ask?

Consider these tiny, seemingly inconsequential things:

  • Make your bed. Sure, I know, making your bed isn’t going to save a life – or will it? I’m sure you’ve seen this video. Might it be possible that making your own bed (a small task) be a great way to improve your mood? Rob makes our bed every morning. I know that I LOVE that he does – and it does make a difference in my day.
  • Share a greeting. In these unprecidented times our smiles are often hidden behind a (literal) mask, however, we could greet those we meet with an especially warm tone of voice. We could nod in acknowledgement. We could do the ASL sign for “I love you“. How could you greet someone – anyone – in a small, but great way?
  • Send a note of encouragement. Text. Call. Write a snail mail kinda card. Send a piece of art, even a doodle. Color a picture and send it with a heart to someone. It’s a way to impact someone else in a small, but great way.
  • Donate something. Nope, you can’t feed everyone, but you could contribute to someone’s lunch by putting a tin of tuna in the “donate” bin at the grocery store. What about those shirts you haven’t worn (maybe they still have the tags attached?) – so you can’t solve poverty but you could put the shirt on someone’s back.
  • Pick up the trash. You may not be able to single-handidly change global warming, but you could make one spot on this planet better for everyone.

Small things done well… are a gift to yourself and everyone.

No need to be great today – just try small things, done in a great way!

Need more ideas? Read these 25 options.

Small things done in a great way!

You might realize if you’re visiting from YouTube, or you’ve seen my posts on Instagram or Facebook, that I do some paper crafting. I make stuff from paper. Journals, tags, and other paper-oriented items are often strewn around our dining area in our apartment. (Yes, my husband is very patient. He even enables my crafting by saving the window envelopes that come with junk mail!)

I’ve been making videos about my hobby for more than a year, and so felt it was time for a little reflection.

Here’s a video where I talk about my insights and experiences – CLICK HERE to watch…

No need to be great today, just do small things in a great way! Here are a few ideas. Imagine how it would be if we all tried in our own way.

If you’d like to support me, glue is always a small but great thing! –