Is being thankful for “now” difficult sometimes?

Yes. It can be.

I’ve been there.

If you’re looking at your “now”, and it’s so far from what you want or what you had that you loved… well, it can feel discouraging.

Maybe you’re in a unique time.

“Now” might not feel good.

Now might feel scary.

Now might feel tragic.

Right now there may be no change in all the scary, tragic and uncomfortable issues.

And yet.


Now. You can be thankful for now.


This moment holds joy.

It can…

 It does!

Look for the joy in the story you’re living now!

(Stop. – See. – Feel. – Taste. – Touch. – Smell. – Experience.)

  • the voice of someone who loves you is an experience of joy
  • the arms of a child wrapped around your neck is joy
  • the sweetness of chocolate on your tongue is joy
  • the scent of autumn, spring, winter or summer on the air is joy
  • the melody in a song is joy
  • the warmth of a smile is joy

Is everything perfect?


Do you have everything you want?


But your story, right now, holds some joys.

Write down one joy you are experiencing…

Regardless if your story isn’t the one you would like to be living.

And realize it’s a reason to be thankful. Because it is… you can be thankful for now if you look.

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