Being creative helps you live optimistically and with gratitude. Positive Thanks Living.

3 ways creativity helps you live optimistically and with gratitude:

There are more than three ways being creative helps positive-thanks-living, but let’s just start here…

  1. Creativity helps you imagine what might be possible – no matter the topic.
  2. Exercising your “creativity muscle” lets you see progress forward. (others might see it & comment also.)
  3. Creating feels good.

There are many articles on creativity from amazingly creative people. Two authors I admire greatly are C.S. Lewis and Tolkien. My husband shared this article with me about Tolkien and it led to a little digging, that is, down the rabbit hole of gathering information to see what else I could find. I like this article also, as it compares the two authors’ philosophies on creativity.

Here’s what Tolkien’s (and by extension after research, C.S. Lewis’) philosophy suggests:

human beings create because they themselves are created in the image of their Creator…

How are you being creative?

So – can you say you’re “creative”? Or do you reject the idea…

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be “good” at these suggestions. The benefits listed above are available regardless! And it’s OK if you feel like you’ve lost or misplaced your creativity. You can find it again!

Are you wondering if you’re creative? (I think you are creative – all of us are!)

But let’s just explore a bit…

Here’s a list of creative avenues you may already be involved in:

  • photography – now that most have a smartphone carried with us all the time, we all have the opportunity to take photos of things we love. And we may print out those photos, but at the very least we share them on social media. Just look through your photos – do you see a progression of what you capture? Do your own photos bring a smile?
  • arranging possessions – even when we lived in 282 square feet in our RV, the pleasant arrangement of what we displayed had an element of enjoyment – I remember even bringing in a small Christmas tree because it made me smile. Do you re-arrange what you own, or even purchase additional items that will add to the esthetic value of your space? Do you look through magazines, Pinterest, or Instagram and make a list of what you’d like to add? Maybe it’s just imagining at this stage…
  • growing things – whether it’s a garden with rows of vegetables, beds of tulips blooming, a container with herbs, or a single pathos plant that’s almost impossible to kill, growing things is creative. There’s a progression that’s easy to see. Do you plant things? Or walk through gardens, a forest, or a local park and delight in how growing things develop? Hmmm. Is that or will it become your creative outlet?
  • cleaning and organizing – yes, cleaning is creative! Rob, my husband, is a “cleaner” and every time I walk into a room where he’s exercised his tidying gift, I see creativity. He groups, he neatens, he makes what was chaos into a beautiful thing. And then there’s my friend who makes organizing into an art form; her shelves and buckets and closets are beautiful and functional. Putting the pillows back on the well-made bed can be an art!
  • food – are you a baker or do you prefer cooking a meal? When I speak with people, I’ll often ask that question, and the answers I receive give me the impression that most have a preference. Regardless, whenever some people make food there’s a beautiful energy in the preparation. Just think – if you’ve ever arranged a charcuterie board you’ve been creative!
  • art – so, maybe this is the obvious area. But the creative spark is there. Nourish it!

What would you add to this list?

Do you see where I’m heading in the above list – is there anything you’d add?

For example, I had the blinding “ah-hah” this morning, as I saw someone doing a makeup video, I realized that for some, using makeup is a way of being creative – or doing “art”.

And what about writing your thoughts and wishes in a greeting card or email or text or private message online? As an example, so many people have sent us words of care and sympathy – their words have created a feeling of an inclusive community during our grieving, and changed our perspective… Wow! That’s creativity at its best.

Where will you exercise your creativity today?

Go ahead – being creative helps you live optimistically & with gratitude!

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Be creative - what will you create today? Being creative helps you to live optimistically and with gratitude. Postive Thanks Living

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