Yes, reading adds value to your life.


OK – then I’ll ask this question:

Does what you read add value to your life?

It’s an easy question.

Does what you read have a positive influence on who you are and who you want to be?

This could be a question we don’t usually ask ourselves.

Sure, we can say that we read a lot, but maybe we don’t consider the value of the words we’re reading and the impact those words and ideas have on our lives…

Do you read something every day?

Yeah – something more than emails… maybe even in a physical book?

(or on a Kindle – that counts too.)

Perhaps you read a daily quote, devotional, Scripture verse exploration, or for a motivational focus on health, profession, or recovery? As an example, one of my favorite Christian daily readings is “Streams in the Desert” – I pull it out in difficult seasons of life and it’s the one I gift to others the most.

Now, I’m going to say something controversial here…

brace yourself…

don’t take this as a criticism, because I’m also a partaker…


If the majority of what you read are memes on social media, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

(sorry for calling us all out)

Social media posts and memes, whether it’s on TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram, may make us feel like we’re reading all the time, but I’m imagining (and have personal experience) that that kind of reading rarely adds much value to life.

Sure, we nod and “love” a meme, laugh at a cartoon or video, or smile with chagrin at a particularly targeted statement, but… do you remember it 10 minutes later? Or the next day?

Do you take action after reading something on social media?

I’m guessing not. (Unless it’s a “click to buy” link. Whoops.)

In fact, I might even suggest that we rarely change our habits because of anything on social media.

(I have an article about habits almost finished for next week because of a book I’m reading – stay tuned!)

So what am I hoping to inspire you to do?

(By the way, when reading anything, always ask yourself the above question!)

Here’s what I’m hoping to do with this article you’re currently reading:

Pull a book off your shelf that you’ve loved before or bought and haven’t yet read – and READ it!

Yes. Read. Something!

Read a few paragraphs or a chapter in a book that will add value to your life – read something that will change you for the better, help you gather new strength, increase your character, add to your abilities…

Reading is worth the time investment.

What book will you choose?

  • maybe it’s to strengthen or create good habits (I’m reading this book – it’s fascinating.)
  • perhaps the book you’ll read will target a recovery – physical, emotional, etc.
  • what are you wanting to learn? Read that! (I keep a running list of books.)

Consider something Abraham Lincoln said,

“All I have learned, I learned from books.

Leave a comment below and share what you’ll be reading to add value to your life!

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Reading add value to your life.

I keep a running list of books I want to read in an Amazon list how do you keep track of what you read?

And this year I’ll be using both a digital app and a notebook/journal to record what I’m learning – more to come on that process called “Zettlekasten”. How do you remember what you’ve learned? I write about what I want to remember – here’s a post on the benefits of being optimistic that was created after I read something.

And lastly, to add value to your reading this month, here are two free images to print – in case you’d like to have a new bookmark and bookplate! I try to make something for you every time I write… Click to access and consider subscribing to PositiveThanksLiving so you don’t miss anything. My purpose is to encourage you!