What would it take to be a little more kind every day?

A little kinder

(This suggests that you’re already a kind person… are you?)

What would it take to be more kind – kinder – every day?

The dictionary defines kindness as the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

Have you ever been described this way? Who used those words – was it your family? Friends? Co-workers?

A senior lady at church shared that one of her fellow compatriots in the seniors assisted living facility came to her and said, “Mary, you’re getting a reputation.” I smiled when she told me – thinking, oh-oh! What kind of reputation?

And Mary went on to tell me that this person said that she was getting a reputation for being helpful to all her fellow seniors in her new home. Helpful. That’s a good reputation to have, isn’t it? Kindness in action!

What’s your reputation?

Is kindness a part of what people expect from you?

I’ll leave you with a question:

What would it take to be a little more kind every day?

Would your friendliness, generosity, and consideration go wider – or deeper? More people impacted or a deeper form of kindness to a few?

Maybe being deliberate on kindness is a way to make our world a better place… to be a reason that people believe in goodness. Your contribution of kindness could encourage others to also be kind, and at the very least it’ll foster an optimistic outlook for a while. Your kindness could become a good memory for another. Yes – let’s fill the world around us with good memories for us and others!

(if you’re stumped, click for a list of 25 kindness ideas)

a little more kind every day - what could you do?

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