Life is better with an optimistic view – especially when where you’re standing isn’t fun.

These times are hard for so many reasons.

Some of us are trudging through tragedy. Really bad stuff.

Others are grappling with the fallout of trials. Or maybe it’s hard remaining steady under pressure.

And then there are most of us – dealing with everyday occurrences which just aren’t fun.

But I’m going to say it again…

Life is better with an optimistic view!

It is. Really. Look for the good and see how it becomes easier to bear the bad.


Be kind to people – and that includes yourself!

Count your blessings. Be thankful, even for the little stuff.

Document it all!

To help, I’ve been busy…

Busy? Why? Because I really believe that if we take the action to be grateful and kind it will make life better.

Busy? With what?

I’ve been busy making it easier to document all your thankfulness and kindness!

Many have reminded me that when I offer a document to download, they don’t have a printer at home or the printer doesn’t have ink or paper or…

And sometimes it’s just that bit too much to search for a notebook, or follow through to complete a list or make some notes about thankfulness or being kind… Yes. I get it. Life is complicated, and no matter what good intentions you have, sometimes you get overwhelmed.


Life is better with an optimistic view…

So I did some research and worked to create some journals with the focus on documenting gratitude and kindness!

Yes. Real, printed books. They’re meant to journal and document, with prompts to help you get started. There aren’t a lot of words from me, rather, there is lots of space for you to write, print, draw, paste, scribble, doodle and make your positive mark! (literally).

Where can you find them?

Click HERE

We are coming to the end of this year – let’s start next year off with a focus on being optimistic & thankful – and you can use these journals I’ve created for you as a way to make it “real”…

Come on… click to see them! (I’m proudest of the kindness one. BTW)

Life is better with an optimistic view!

One of these journals has space for an optimistic quote every day – In the journal, I promise to help provide quotes if you can’t think of your own… so here are a few:

Be patient with yourself – nothing in nature blooms all year long.” – anonymous

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.” ~ Helen Keller

Be the reason others believe in the goodness of people.”

A good laugh is like sunshine in the house.” ~ William Makepeace Thackeray

Growth happens silently – consider – a seed grows with no sound or evidence until it’s above ground.

Life is better with an optimistic view - especially when where you're standing isn't fun. To help I've made you something...