Accomplishments – what have you completed that you’re thankful for? Do you feel a sense of satisfaction about something you’ve done?

We all have failures in our life. That’s normal. Failing is part of being human. Too often the first that comes to mind are those items which we regret, or didn’t do, or haven’t excelled at in comparison with others.


Today I want you to tuck those negative thoughts away.

Far away.

Today be thankful for your accomplishments!

We all have accomplishments that we can list.

  • Where have you succeeded?
  • What have you completed?
  • Who has benefited from what you’ve done?
  • There are areas in which you’ve had influence that are better today because of your presence.
  • You have contributed in places, with people, that no one else could have done.

It’s not necessary to make a big splash to be considered a success. Even the smallest pebble will create ripples when dropped into a pond.

The ripples from your accomplishments have value!

For one who cooks supper each day for decades – that’s an accomplishment! (Don’t laugh. It’s not an easy task for some of us to be consistent!)

Raising children is an accomplishment. Nurturing a marriage is an accomplishment. Caring for a parent is an accomplishment. Singing in a choir is something for which to be thankful. Paying taxes, learning a new skill, voting, improving your bank account, making something useful, writing, giving up a vice, being optimistic even when life looks dreadful, getting up early to exercise, trying once more at that thing that seems too much…

The list of accomplishments is long for every life!

Take a new look at what you’re involved in and celebrate!

Be thankful you can do that one thing… it’s an accomplishment!

Join in on the #30daysof thankfulness. It’s amazing to see your list of what you’re grateful for grow and grow and grow…

Here are a few more prompts from this series: