Thankful for traditions… is there a tradition in your life that you are thankful for? Consider:

  • a holiday event
  • birthday experiences
  • seasonal trips

Go through your calendar and see if there are items that happen yearly (or you’d like to happen yearly) which are pleasant, enjoyable and memory-making.

We are thankful for the tradition of doing plates!

In our family, we “do plates” every year.

It’s a tradition Rob began when we moved to another country in 2000. Each year, near the end of the year, we draw on paper plates a representation of the past year.

After we’re done our plate we describe our year to each other.

However, the real magic is looking back at the previous year’s “plates” and remembering all that happened over the last 18 years.

This year we will have a new “plate” added to the group, our baby grand-daughter.

If you’d like to read more about this tradition click here.

Create a favorite tradition!

If you can’t think of a tradition that’s been a part of your life, then NOW is a great time to begin. Yes, right now!

  • Do a little Pinterest search in areas you enjoy for ideas. Here’s a Pinterest board I’ve begun for this purpose.
  • Think of your skills – share those with a loved one.
  • Who would you share a tradition with? Even if your family is far away you can still create traditions with friends. The people may change but as long as you do the tradition each year, it’s a tradition!
  • Does someone else do an activity that you admire?
  • Start a conversation with your spouse or children about traditions – get their input!

Leave a comment – what traditions would you begin if you could?

I’d love to hear about your traditions and do an article about them all!

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Thankful for traditions…

Maybe this could be the start of a tradition – doing a month of giving thanks for all the good in your life!

Here are the posts so far…

I look forward to doing this thankful inventory with you!