Thankful for the view: What can you see that you’re thankful for?

Yes, as you’re reading this sentence look up from your phone/computer…

! Look up!

For what item – you can currently see in real life – could you give thanks?

Is the sky blue? Are you with someone you love? Is there an item you treasure? What do you hear, smell, taste, or feel that can spark a sense of gratitude?

An exercise in giving thanks.

Over the next 30 days, I’ll be encouraging you to practice your ability to give thanks.

To be grateful.


Because, after two years of researching thankfulness and gratitude, I’ve realized that it rarely happens by itself.

We all need to be prompted…

Think of it like a game.

Being thankful needs practice.

The best part is that this practice will shift your whole world. Every part of it.

Guaranteed. (Well, as much as I can guarantee anything. <wink>)

How to play this game?

Use a sheet of paper, or an empty notebook, or a new Google doc, or download and print these pages I created, or open a new note on your phone, or write it on social media or…

Get the concept?

It’s a space (any space – you could even write on your bathroom mirror with these) to collect the results so you can see them all at the end of 30 days.

Your first prompt is: Thankful for the View —

Tomorrow and every day for 30 days I’ll send you a unique prompt.

Collect the results!

At the end of these 30 days, you’ll have an amazing record of all the things/people/places/events, etc. in your life for which you’re thankful… if you play the game!

It’s powerful.

Could you do this exercise as a family?

I’m going to include my husband in this game. It’ll be a connection point – especially as we won’t be physically together for many of the next 30 days!

Are you ready?

Look up – look around…

What things are you thankful for that you can see right now?

Write down as many as you like…

Here’s the prompt:

Thankful for the View

Practice your ability to be thankful - to be filled with gratitude! Here's the first of thirty prompts: Thankful for the View -- Want the details?

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