Thankful for your spot. Your spot… you know… it’s that spot where you relax.

You’re probably in your most comfortable clothes, maybe even in your pajamas, when you’re in your spot. It’s the spot where you just take a deep breath and decompress. Maybe you even have a table beside your spot where you can put down a cup of tea, or coffee or a wine glass.

Is there a book waiting for you in your spot? Or are you facing the television?

Thankful for your Spot to Relax

Life can be busy, so having a spot to relax in – whether it’s an end of a sofa, a plush chair or even on your side of the bed – that’s a spot to be thankful for.

Where’s your spot?

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Life can be busy, so having a spot to relax is important. Where's your spot? Be thankful for your spot.

For those who are familiar with The Big Bang Theory television program, here’s a funny video detailing Sheldon’s “spot”.

30 days of thankfulness!

We’re working on collecting many types of ways we’re thankful. There will be 30 prompts (one a day… hopefully… <wink>) and if you want to play the game with me, then find a place to record your answers.

You could record your answers with a simple piece of paper, or a pretty notebook, or even download and print this free PDF. I’ve been exploring a few free apps on my iPhone for the purpose of recording gratitude – here’s one that is interesting: 5 Minutes of Gratitude.

To help you catch up, here are links to the other days (so far):