Thankful for Convenience – what?

Well, just think about it a bit. How is your life easier than your grandparents’ life when they were your age?

We live in a time of gadgets and do-dads.

Vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, refrigerators, Swiffer mops, washers and dryers, electric tea-kettles, bread-makers, Kuerigs, hair-dryers, microwaves, electric/gas-powered lawn-mowers, garage-door openers, programmable thermostats, even the convenience of an “Alexa turn on the lights!” gadget.

So, which item in your list of conveniences are you most thankful for? Has this changed over the years?

What have you added to your list of conveniences?

I’m thankful for convenience in the morning with my little egg-cooker! It’s just a tiny helper in the larger scheme of life, but it’s made my mornings much more efficient. Plus, I never have to worry about the eggs boiling dry! (It’s “Lori-proof”. LOL)

Another convenience I value is my own washer and dryer. While we were living in our 5th wheel, I needed to use a laundromat, or visit our adult children. It’s a privilege to just drop in a load of laundry whenever I feel like it!

What about you? What convenience do you value?

Make a list of all the gadgets that add up to make your life easier! What’s at the top of that list? What would you miss most if it wasn’t available?

You’re invited to play the game – 30 days of thankfulness – start at Day 1 – Thankful for the View! Download this PDF to record it all!