To be thankful for safety we first need to be aware of our vulnerability. I’m imagining we are all, to some extent, aware of how fragile our safety in this world is…

As I write this post, it’s November 11th. In the United States of America, it’s Veterans Day. In Canada, Australia, and the Commonwealth of Nations this date is titled Remembrance Day.

Where you live, is November 11th dedicated to those who fight, or have fought, for your safety – freedom?

Regardless of the date or the title of that date, we all have someone in our life who has championed our safety.

Perhaps they are closely related or a friend who served in the military. Maybe they don’t have anything to do with the military, however, that person has protected us: physically, mentally or spiritually.

So today, we can be…

thankful for safety and those who provide it.

Who will you be referencing in your journal about thankfulness?

thankful for safety
thankful for safety - who has provided for your safety - either mentally, emotionally or physically? Record their names in your Thankful Journal!

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