H20 – water. Consider all the ways we are privileged to use water. Turn on the faucet and there you have water.

We disregard the free-flowing availability of our H20. No walking down to a stream to fill our buckets. No pumping by hand at a well. We turn on a tap and there it is!

Washing, cleaning, preparing food and all kinds of activities would be extra challenging if, firstly, we needed to go get our water!

Be thankful for H20 – hot & cold!

Even more miraculous is the opportunity to have hot water flowing from the tap.

Next time you take a shower or relax in a bath, take note of the flowing hot water. Consider how thankful you are it’s there…

In what ways have you used water today? Make a note and give thanks!

A Story from Haiti

Our son and daughter-in-love participated in a non-profit video shoot in Haiti. Part of the trek included time far up in the hills where there is no running water.

People walk down, down, down, through the bush to the river far below to collect their daily water. Often it’s the children who carry heavy buckets back up the hills to home.

One day, Alex accompanied these children to film the process. He chose to wear sandals/flipflops. (As he tells the story he usually pauses to tell the listeners that wearing flip-flops isn’t a good idea!)

The group collected their water at the river and began the uphill walk on the rough trail back to the village, carrying their jugs.

Half-way back up Alex stumbled and fell to the side of the path. His feet and legs were muddy and messy from the fall.

He began brushing at the dirt, and before he could react, one of the young boys, carrying his family’s water in a heavy jug, poured water over Alex’s legs to clean them.

That young boy didn’t hesitate to share this precious resource. Alex says he wanted to tell him to save the water that they’d just walked 30 minutes to collect, but the boy gave too quickly…

Think about it. Would you be that quick to share a precious resource you’d just walked 30 minutes to gather?

Watch the video!

The boys at the beginning of the video were a part of the above story. Enjoy the faces of Haiti that Alex filmed…

Hope for Haiti Foundation

Alex and Alisane climbing high to get some good shots.
Alex connecting with the kids.
On the way to the village – through the river to get there!
Thankful for H20 - just think of all the ways in which you use water - isn't it wonderful to have it on tap?