Thankful for new… what?

What’s new in your life?

  • Stuff. This could be about the littlest thing, such as a new box of tissues. Hey! I bet you’re feeling a unique sense of gratitude when you’ve just sneezed, and, sitting by your side is a new, full box of tissues to meet your need! It’s also perfectly fine to include on this list the new things you’re anticipating… Be aware and give thanks for even the essentials in your life.
  • Experiences. What have you just done that you’ve never tried before? Have you just eaten sushi? Or learned a dance step, or been to a great movie, or… Being filled with thanks for new and lovely experiences is essential for living a grateful life! Big or small, let’s keep track!
  • People. Who have you just met that strikes a spark in your soul? Surely there will be at least one new person – even if that meeting was fleeting… Rob and I have been traveling and we’ve met some really fun and interesting people. I don’t know when we will connect again, but boy-oh-boy am I thankful for these special people. They’re the secret sauce in my life!

What about you?

In what way are you thankful for new…

Leave a comment – and add to your thankful journal!

Thankful for new stuff, experiences and people - and more!

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Want to play? Find a piece of paper, or a notebook, journal or even download and print this free PDF to record all of what you’re thankful for. The beauty will build as you look at the many areas in which you’re feeling thankful.