Positive People know they’re loved. And their actions flow from love.

There’s an amazing power in love – both accepting love and giving it.

Positive people are able to love others and receive love. They know that they’re created by God, who loves them and has put them here on this earth, at this time, for His purpose.

Their belief in this truth of God’s love helps others’ outlook by demonstrating, despite circumstances, mistakes and imperfection, love is possible.

When positive people take action it flows from love.

This is the 8th of eight ways positive people improve others’ outlook. It concludes the series! Here are links to the 1st2nd3rd, 4th,  5th, 6th, and 7th ways positive people improve others’ outlook on life.

  1. Positive People acknowledge the truth and manage the overflow.
  2. Positive People look for things for which to be thankful.
  3. Positive People bring out the best in others.
  4. Positive People build a tribe of other positive people.
  5. Positive People go out of their way.
  6. Positive People are aware of boundaries and also put them in place.
  7. Positive People are focused.
  8. Positive People know they’re loved. And their actions flow from love.

These 8 ways positive people improve others’ outlook began with a sentence in a post by Tom Corley that started me thinking…

“Positive people help to remove or subdue stress,

improving your outlook and your health.”

~ Tom Corely quote

In his post, he’s talking about toxic people and then contrasts them with positive people.

We are to surround ourselves with other positive people.

I imagine there are at least 8 ways positive people help improve other people’s outlook on life. They are probably more than eight… maybe you can add some in the comments.

We won’t all be good at all eight!

There’s every chance we won’t be experienced or proficient at all eight – even if we are pursuing positivity. No worries. Optimists always know there’s room for improvement.