Positive People bring out the best in others.

Strengths. That’s what positive people look for in each person they meet.

Positive people minimize the weaknesses and magnify the strengths of everyone around them. They share the fact that there is always room for improvement.

Other people feel empowered when they’re with a positive person, and especially when their outlook changes from what they can’t do… to what they can do!

This post is the 3rd of 8 ways positive people change other people’s outlook. The first is here …

and the second is here.

It’s quite a journey to consider these 8 ways positive people help and improve other people’s outlook on life – in fact, I’m guessing they’re more than eight… maybe you can add your thoughts in the comments?

I’m trying not to overwhelm you with all eight right now, rather, I’m sharing one every day for the next eight days for you to think about… (today is the third, obviously.)

There’s every chance we won’t be good at all eight – even if we are pursuing becoming a Positive Person. No worries. Optimists always know there is room for improvement.