Positive People are aware of boundaries and also put them in place.

Positive people use the power of boundaries, honoring other people’s boundaries while putting boundaries in place for themselves.

  • Material boundaries – whether giving, loaning or using items.
  • Physical boundaries – respecting personal space, and privacy.
  • Mental boundaries – thoughts, values, and opinions.
  • Emotional boundaries – knowing beliefs and feelings and owning them.
  • Sexual boundaries – preserving comfort levels with sexual touch and activity.
  • Spiritual boundaries – protecting beliefs and experiences honoring God.

Positive People know that healthy boundaries reduce stress and can avoid issues. This impacts others’ outlook by contributing to their mental and physical safety.

Boundaries are not always easy to uphold.

Positive people know that saying “no” is an option. We talked about the benefits of “no” here. However, it’s important to acknowledge that saying “no” as a boundary isn’t always easy…

What boundary have you found necessary to put into place, or uphold recently? Was it easy? Difficult? Any tips?

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This book is a classic: “Boundaries (Updated and Expanded Edition): When to Say Yes, How to Say No To Take Control of Your Life” by Henry Cloud and John Townsend