Optimists know it’s OK to say “No.” 

Don’t let yourself believe that being a positive person means you need to be a “yes-person”.

Though “yes” is a powerful way to navigate life, there are also times where a well-placed “no” is completely appropriate for an optimist.

Positive people say “no” to:

  • being stingy
  • impulse buying
  • being comfortable in their career
  • going it alone
  • hating their job
  • believing in fate
  • staring mindlessly at the TV
  • being goal-less
  • fear
  • letting emotions reign over behavior
  • eating mindlessly
  • and more – this is the article that inspired me!

I have a friend who uses a humorous response when he doesn’t want to participate. He says, “Count me out!” And then he smiles, because he’s not being negative, but rather leaving the space, funds and time for those activities which align with his chosen values.

What are you currently saying “no!” to?

What would make you healthier, wealthier and wiser if you did say “NO!”?

Optimists know it is OK to say NO

Optimists know it is OK to say no - learn more and be prompted to be positive at PositiveThanksliving