What are your favorite games?

Do you have one game that you’d choose over any other?

Thankful to Play!

Our little grandson is learning checkers. It’s the precursor to teaching him chess… Our son enjoys video-games. My husband loves solitaire as a way to decompress. As a family, we’ve played many games including UNO, Scrabble, and Monopoly.

Maybe these kinds of games aren’t your choice – maybe your preference is an active game like soccer, tennis, or baseball.

It’s important to play.

Play is something that’s not serious. It has no impact on our life except as an enjoyment. Play is something many of us leave behind when we’re adults… but we don’t have to!

Think about all the games you enjoyed as a child.

Could you make a list?

Now, what’s your favorite?

What are ten favorite games? Which ones could you pull out and play today? Thankful to play!

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