How thankful we can be when we taste our favorite food…

What is it?

Spicy, sweet or salty?

Do you have a particular food that rings your bell…

When you smell it cooking it can cause you to salivate?

I’m guessing that you – like me – may have more than one favorite.

Feeling thankful for the taste!

Don’t wait till your birthday, or a special event. Why not indulge just a little bit in that favorite food today!

Luxuriate a bit with your favorite food.

If you can.

(I’d love to have a Harvey’s Poutine right now. But I can’t get to Canada. So that’ll have to wait a bit. Don’t worry – I’ll think of something else.)

Feel thankful you have the opportunity to have your favorite food – when you have it!

Leave a comment! What’s your favorite food?

Thankful for the taste of our favorite food

I’d love to give this fun package to you!

Just comment on one of the “30 Days of Thankfulness” posts here on PositiveThankLiving – from October 1st to October 30th 2020– and I’ll (randomly) choose one person* who comments to receive this fun package!

*Unfortunately I can only mail to someone in the USA at this time. (I had two packages to Canada fail to be delivered), so this drawing is only available for those in the USA.