Many times our sense of smell cues us into something good (or bad) before we can see what’s happening.

What do you smell that puts a smile on your face?

If you walk through the door at the end of the day, and your loved one is preparing dinner, you won’t see the food but you will smell what’s cooking. It may even bring back wonderful memories or create the excitement of anticipation!

As beautiful as walking through an art gallery filled with still-life paintings of flowers and fruit is, there’s no scent of those beautiful blooms or ripe, delicious, fruit…

” You can paint a flower, but not its smell.”

~ an Italian proverb

And going to the ocean is a completely different experience than watching a YouTube video. I know – I often have a video of some ocean in the world streaming on our television because I love that view. But it’s so different from our last trip to the beach. Yet. I can imagine the scent of the saltwater… and it makes me happy.

Yes. Our sense of sight is important.

But so is our sense of smell.

What scents do you love?

Think about all those wonderful scents that bring back memories…

Now list them all!

Aren’t you thankful for those memories, even if they may make you a little bit nostalgic?

What's your favorite scent, aroma, fragrance? What do you smell that you can be thankful for?

And what about the aroma of food and dessert ?

  • Hot chocolate
  • Apple pie, cider or baked apple crisp
  • a Sunday beef roast with all the trimmings

Or the smell of a forest…

“A whiff of forest scent,
Balsam and fern,
Won from dreary mood
My heart’s return,
From its discontent,
Joy’s run-away,
To the sweet, wise wood
And the laughing day.

The Creed of the Wood – Katherine Lee Bates

Rain on a hot summer’s afternoon.

Or how special a baby smells after their bath?

Be thankful for all the scents you’ve experienced in life – they’re a gift!

Which scents are your favorites?

What do you smell that puts a smile on your face? Be thankful for that aroma, frangrance or scent!

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