Quiet loud and sweet sounds. If we’re privileged to have the ability to hear, we all have favorites…

I can think of many sounds that I prefer over others. I’m guessing you may be the same?

Which sounds in your life make you smile?

I’m sure there are sounds in your life that you enjoy.

Maybe it’s music. This song is one I “hear” in my head when I’m rejoicing – it’s by Mozart.

Perhaps it’s an environmental sound like waves against a sandy shore or the rustle of wind through the leaves.

What about voices or laughter? Your favorite sound could be your loved ones’ voices… a beloved baby’s giggle…

Instruments? The wail of a bagpipe, the strum of strings on a guitar, the beat of a drum, and more…

Think of all the sounds in your life that make you thankful. What are they?

Quiet loud and sweet sounds.

In my “30 days of Thankfulness” journal I used a piece of junk mail and the backs of Dollar Tree implements I bought to create a pocket with tags. I’ll be writing down a list of sweet, quiet, and loud sounds that I prefer… You can see the quick video (less than 1 minute) showing the above by clicking HERE.

Or the much longer video where I talk about bagpipes, a movie we love, Scottish thistles, etc, as I make the above set of journaling tags. Click here for that video.

What about you?

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