Are you thankful for work? Just as we’re thankful for play, we also can be thankful for the work we do.

Thankful for work you do…

As an example, I’m thankful to do laundry. Sound nuts? Are you shaking your head at me? Well, I had a lovely experience of traveling and living full-time in an RV for a number of years. One thing I missed was my own laundry machines. Now, I have some again, and I am immensely thankful to do the work of laundry in my own space with my own machines. That “work” is fun for me.

How about you?

For what “work” in life have you felt a deep gratitude?

Perhaps it’s a career you’ve worked hard to enter, and the path to that career wasn’t all fun. But now… well, you’re very thankful to do that work.

Maybe it’s a role in life which you’ve longed for… being married, being a parent, etc. Yet through the work of being and doing what’s necessary for that role, and even though some of it is hard, you feel an immense thankfulness.

Or it could be a simple case of being remunerated financially for the labor you do. For those who have experienced long (or short) periods of unemployment, finding a job which can pay the bills feels greatly satisfying. And there’s a huge thankfulness from having income to meet basic needs because you’re doing that work.

Make a list of all the work you’re thankful you can/could do!

Make a list of all the work you’ve been thankful for over the course of your life… I’m guessing you might feel quite optimistic once you see it all written down.

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