Do you have a comfortable space to live?

I’m not talking about huge, or opulent or extra-ordinary… just comfortable for you. Your spot sometimes defines your comfortable space.

When we lived in our RV both Rob and I had our own “spot”. It worked for us. Though we lived in 282 square feet we still were comfortable. And I was thankful. Now we live in an apartment and again, we have our spot to sit and chat together.

In addition, when our grands come over, they have their own spot on the arm of my big chair. In fact, when our little granddaughter came into the apartment the other day, and I wasn’t in my chair, she was perturbed… she walked over to my chair and patted it and wanted me to sit in my spot. So I did. And she climbed up to sit on the arm of the chair. Apparently, she needed me there to be comfortable in her spot!

Let’s give thanks for a comfortable space!

There’s a humorous part of the television show “Big Bang Theory” where a character has his “spot”. He gives everyone a hard time if they sit in his “spot”… Can you relate?

You're in my spot - thankful for a comfortable space.
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Can you list all the different places you’ve been comfortable over the years, in your various environments? Was it a desk chair, or a corner of the deck outside, or your vehicle (we love our F150 and consider our seat in there as part of our “spot”).

Consider all the ways and places you’ve been comfortable over the years… and be thankful!

Consider all the ways and places you've been comfortable over the years...  and be thankful! Your comfortable space.

This post is the 7th of 30 prompts to be thankful. You can read the original from last year by clicking here. At the end of October 2020 I’ll be releasing the entire docuement as a pdf, with a few extras, so you can have it for free! Subscribe and make sure to get your copy!

My spot in the apartment – where the grands snuggle with me.
My spot when we lived on four acres….
my spot – in the passenger side of our F150
Our RV – we lived and traveled fulltime for 5 years. I took this picture from my spot…