Don’t count what you do – DO what counts!

Being busy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be… Sure. There might be many checkmarks on your “to-do” lists. And you may be tired when you climb into your bed.

But will being busy make a dent in what really counts?

What counts in your life?

When our children were small I’d call my laundry bin “Mount Never Rest“. Much later in life, I definitely missed having a washer and dryer handy when we were in our RV. But all these years of doing laundry only gave me (and those I love) clean clothes to wear for a day. At the end of every day for the last 45-ish years, there were – and are – dirty clothes in that laundry hamper…

Now, I’m probably odd. I don’t mind doing laundry. In fact, it’s the one task around the house I enjoy. (Weird. I know.) So I do the laundry and Rob puts those clean clothes back in the closet. Bada-boom. Bada-bing.

Until next week.

As I ponder, I’m thinking there’s every chance that “laundry-queen” will not be on my obituary. At least I hope not. Even though I enjoy laundry, and my family has appreciated being the recipient of clean clothes, it’s not something I want to be remembered for…

Why? Because it’s just a checkmark on a list of things to do…

Laundry may be necessary, but it’s not what really counts.

DO what counts.

Have you determined what really counts in your life? (Everyone will be different, you know.)

Regardless. Now is the time to focus on what really counts. For the long-term. For your obituary. For what will you be remembered?

Have a little courage… and do that.

Sure, if it’s an important checklist item, get it done. (LOL – My husband just asked me if I could wash his jeans. Like, literally, as I’m writing this! I guess I’m doing laundry again. And that’s OK. I will. Happily.)

But that’s not the only thing I’ll do today…

How about you?

What’s on your list today that’ll contribute in ways no-one else can? Make that your priority. Have courage – because what you do matters.

Don't count what you do - DO what counts! Get done what you need to, but be sure you make time to do what really counts for your future.

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

~ Albert Eistein