It only takes one step.

Just one.

One step in the right direction – today. It’s further than you were yesterday.

Got a goal on the horizon? What’s one task, idea, activity or step you can take in the right direction toward that goal? Now’s the time – be further along tomorrow by taking that one step today!

Herculean Task?

Got a huge goal? Chunk it down.

  • write one page
  • pull one weed
  • do one load
  • make one call
  • clear one surface
  • make one
  • toss out one
  • give away one
  • do for one what you’d like to do for everyone


It’s a small number that makes a big difference if done every day! 

What one step will you take… today?

Positivity Prompts

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Be prompted to know you're loved, to be thankful, encouraging and take action on your goals! Plus, get resources to do all these things. It's about being strategically optimistic.

Hurrah! Go YOU!