What you will do matters! You just need to DO it!

What you will do matters. You just need to do it.

What you will do matters.

All you need is to DO it!

Too often we overthink our actions. We think and think until we talk ourselves out of taking action.

Stop thinking about it – just DO it!

  • pick up the phone and text (or call) that person who is waiting to hear from you… Who needs your encouragement?
  • put your shoes on and go out the door. It’s time. Maybe it’s high time you got going?
  • write that note, because it’s going to make an impact. Really!
  • smile at that person. You might be the only person who smiles at them today. Make their day better! 
  • toss that piece of garbage – figurative or literal! 
  • use the pretty glass. If not now, then when?
  • stand up. Maybe you need to stand up for someone else? Maybe it’s for yourself?
  • talk to the person across from you. Make a connection.
  • apologize. Say you’re sorry, offer to make it right, assure them you won’t do it again.
  • accept the challenge. It’s time.
  • speak life into their life. If not you, then who? Take the opportunity to be the person who makes a difference.
  • hug that someone. Maybe it’s a verbal hug?
  • open the Bible. Add some truth to your life. Words of Life.
  • cut your hair. Or don’t. 😉 
  • dance. Just a little two-step. Nobody will care what you look like…
  • ask for another chance.
  • give someone another chance. Take them out of the penalty box. Isn’t it time? Wouldn’t you like that for yourself?
  • pray. Let it go and give it to the ONE who can. Can anything.
  • start that new hobby. It’s time to try. If not now, then when? And so what if you’re not good at it? Will you enjoy it? Then start!
  • make an appointment. You’ve procrastinated enough. Do it now. Take someone with you if you need support.
  • ride the bike. (Perhaps it’s a metaphorical bike?)
  • take a nap. Enough already. Stop. Sleep. Take care of yourself!
  • accept the invitation. This time – it’s time! Just go!
  • … ? what do you need to just DO? Come on…

What do you need to just DO?

What you will do matters – go ahead

I’ll write a note for you if you feel you need permission…

now DO it!

What you will do matters.


Maybe it’s hard to do something you’ve never tried before… perhaps it even harder to keep going? If you need some more encouragement to keep going read this!

What you will do matters - stop overthinking it and just DO it now!

What you will DO matters - stop overthing and just DO it!


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