“The way to do a great deal is to keep on doing a little.

The way to do nothing at all is to be continually resolving that you will do everything.”

~ Charles H. Spurgeon

The truth in this quote pokes at a tender spot.


In one area.


Just a little – over time – makes a huge difference.

How about you?

In what one area have you moved past “deciding to do” and are actually doing?

A field of daffodils.

If you were to search for “field of daffodils” you’d quickly find at least two instances where women planted bulbs, a few at a time, till there were acres covered in more than a million blooms. Visitors marvel at the sight of these magnificent gardens in East Texas and California.

The way to do a great deal is to keep on doing a little

Doing a little to do a great deal.

What little thing will you do… today, tomorrow, the next day, and the 365 days after that…  which will add up to a great deal? 

What you will do matters… all you need is to do it.

Why is this a 5-minute Friday Positive Prompt? Because you now have the weekend to give this concept a little thought.  Leave a comment once you’ve begun your “little” – I’d love to encourage you to keep on going till it’s a great deal!



PS – The lady who inspired me to begin this PositiveThanksLiving site has been posting positive items on her Facebook page for more than two years. She inspired me a great deal!  (And as the 53rd prompt here since the end of March, it’s just a little, but hopefully, it’ll become a great deal.)

The way to do a great deal is to keep on doing a little



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