Destination: Where do you look forward to going — and arriving?

It could be a vacation destination. Or the destination could be your home. It could be a place in the world. Or the destination could represent something you had in the past, but no longer have… but going there (even imagining going there) brings a sense of joy.

Grateful to get there.

For five years we lived near Dallas, Texas. I remember returning from trips late in the evening and seeing the iconic Dallas skyline. The view became an indication of the life we had in that city. And I felt an overwhelming sense of awe and thankfulness every single time. We haven’t lived in Dallas for more than a decade, but I still remember with thankfulness that destination experience.

On my 50th birthday, we stayed at a place called “Lion’s Head” on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario Canada. Rob arranged the trip because the destination holds a dear spot in my heart. Growing up, every June we’d camp there. The travel and arrival at Lion’s Head meant the beginning of summer. And 50 years later I still have a joyful sense of gratitude when I think of that destination.

What about you?

Are there places in this world where, when you get there, you’re thankful? What and where are they?

Thankful for a destination

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