Finishing things is considered a good habit, right?

And so is being thankful! (Here’s a Harvard article if you need some data .)

So, if you were to write down all the things you’re thankful for and take 30 days to do it, would you worry about not finishing it?

What if doing something for a month feels uncomfortable? Or if you’re worried you won’t follow through or can’t because of …

I do understand, intimately, how daunting it can feel to face an incomplete… to not finish something.

To what am I referring?

In the past, I found it difficult to finish things.

For example, last year, right here on PositiveThanksLiving, I started a 30-day series of posts about being thankful.

I got to Day 18.

But now, despite not finishing last year, I’m thankful today. It is possible.

You see, I’ve been very good at beginning things all my life, but in the past, I found completing things … yeah. No.

I’m saying “in the past” because even though 2020 has been an odd and disruptive year, one good thing that’s come out of it for me is completing a number of 30-day tasks. And it’s possible to circle back and finish something that’s already begun…

So, that’s good, right?

Completing last year’s unfinished task.

Guess what? I finished it. All 30 days.

Last year’s “30 days of thankfulness” is complete.

It’s done.

There’s a digital (and printed) document with almost 8000 words and 30 entries. Some are shorter than others, some are longer. Most of the eighteen original articles are revised. There are 30 tags with the prompts – you can print them to use if you’re journaling.

And I’d like to share it with you!

Because it’s done, I know I can share parts over the next 30 days!


At the end of 30 days, the full document will be available for you to download for free.

So – today and the next 30 days – I invite you to work alongside me – one prompt at a time. Try it. It’s OK – don’t worry about not finishing… you can still be thankful one day at a time!

This image/tag is the first entry – about looking up from your phone or the computer where you’re reading this to view an item or many items, for which you’re grateful.

What if you can’t finish?

Maybe you’ll be doing this with me and then life will get in the way.

That’s OK.

Experience has taught me that it’s completely fine to begin, pause, and then circle back later! You can be thankful despite not finishing.

Now, maybe during the next 30 days, you’ll be more comfortable just reading the prompts every day. You could let them marinate in your heart and mind… Sure. That’ll work too.

In any scenario, at the end of October, you can have the document to download and do it at whatever time it works in your life, over whatever time period you’d like. And then do it again. (That’s what the full document is for – the future!)

You know why I can say with certainty that I can post 30 times in October? And be sure to follow through?

Because I’m thankful, (despite not finishing last year), that THIS year, it’s already done!

So, if you’re interested in what was written last year for this first post, I’ll link to the first entry: Thankful for the View

Here’s a tag I created for you to download and print if you want to journal along… click here – print it out as large or small as what works for you. It’ll also be available in the document at the end of 30 days…

Below is a photo of my journaling creation for today using the tag. I’ve added some die-cuts and washi tape, with a printed image of a lamp that’s in my living room for which I’m very thankful. (I took a photo, then used an app on my phone called “Painnt” to make it look like a sketch.) I’ll add a written list to this paper later today… there are many things I look at in my environment that I feel thankful for…

Do you ever go back to finish something?

What’s been your experience in completing things after a while… ?

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