Hello there – what makes your heart race, your eyes sparkle, and puts a spring in your (metaphorical) step? I’m guessing we all have a few passions that make our personal and professional lives unique. So what are yours?

What are you passionate about?

Yup. Ended a sentence in a preposition. Perhaps I should have phrased it: “About what are you passionate?” — LOL — Regardless.

My husband and I have a wubbie* show. The Big Bang Theory. In one episode a character is dissatisfied with not being passionate about topics, unlike her friends who are science/tech nerds. She eventually identifies something for which she has a passion. Can you relate?

Do you find it difficult to pinpoint your passions? Or not?

Maybe you have a career that’s your passion. Or your family has all your attention and you realize that nurturing is your focus. Some have hobbies they can talk about ad nauseam and wherein they lose track of time.

Saying Hello – What’s your passion…

In business circles, there’s a term called an Elevator Speech. It’s basically a very, very quick introduction to your passion. People hone their elevator pitch/speech constantly and memorize or internalize it.

The idea is that in the space of less than a minute they’ll be able to introduce their strengths or passion to a person of importance.

In the blogging world, we put this information on our “About” page. (Or in our side-bar.) When I’m reading online I always look for clues to who the person writing is, and what words they use to identify themselves. Do you do that too?

If you had to introduce yourself – quickly – what would you say?

  • career: writer, doctor, chef, carpenter, financial planner…
  • relationships: mother, father, daughter, son…
  • hobbies: fishing, reading, crafting, gardening, humor, traveling…

Sometimes saying “hello” is hard. It may change according to whom you’re meeting. (Is that who or whom? Language experts, please weigh in… ! )

HELLO! Who is Lori?

As it says in my sidebar:

I’m a writer, a wife to Rob for 36 years, a mom to grown children, and a Gram to two. My focus is to be optimistic, thankful, and to encourage you!

~ Lori Ferguson. See Colossians 2:2

My passions are obvious: writing, family, optimism, thankfulness, and encouragement. I’m also passionate about my faith – hence the Scripture verse I’ve adopted as my focus.

Of course, I have other passions. I’m guessing we all have those that we don’t mention in an elevator speech or on a quick About Page…

What else do I love to do? I’m a voracious reader in many, many areas, I “play with paper“, I love to travel (we spent years living in an RV traveling the USA – that was a bucket list item) and more.

There’s always more, isn’t there?

We’re all unique and complex people.

What’s your “hello” speech? How do you introduce yourself?

Leave a comment below and introduce yourself! Say hello!

Hello! What's your passion? How do you introduce yourself? Sometimes it takes a little practice...
This is a journaling card – my “playing with paper” Junk Journaling. You can see more of what I’m making on Instagram

(*FYI – “wubbie” in this instance means something that brings comfort, like a child’s fuzzy blanket. We use this show (The Big Bang Theory) as a way to just unwind and we’ve seen each episode in 12 seasons so often we can quote the lines before the character says them. I’m guessing you’ll see this trait as quirky, odd, or oddly endearing. I’ll let you choose. LOL )

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