Life goes on.

And as positive as that statement is, it can be a jarring reality when we are working through a sad goodbye. Photos are an important part of grieving, as is reviewing memories. The act of grieving may never end, but it does change. It softens and the edges fray…

We want to say, “You should be here!” But that person or situation has carried on, without us.  It’s possible to be whole, to rebuild, to find new dreams, or re-shape old ones. But first, we need to grieve. If someone you know is walking this path, give them the latitude to grieve.

Grief is yet another way to express love.

Love strong and deep, even as life goes on. 

Let grief demonstrate love - strong and deep - even as life goes on. #positivethanksliving #grief #grieving #loss

“Most do not understand the importance of grief and how to process our complicated feelings. Grief is God’s gift to help us say goodbye to someone or something precious to us. We can’t embrace the good that is still in our lives without processing our grief in healthy ways.”

~ Kim Frederickson

Be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people, even as they process their grief.