Completion may be messy, but it does have its positives… To elaborate, I just completed something. And to be specific, I completed two different – but related projects – and have the results to show for it!

Completion may be messy but it feels good. Here's a project (or two projects) that I've completed - 30 little Hymn Journaling booklets.

Do you enjoy the feeling of completion?

Rob, my husband, is a great proponent for the value of Achievement. And in his vernacular, completing something is a part of the achievement. Needless to say, he’s very happy for me. Our adult children have also encouraged me along the way and complimented me on finishing.

But it’s been messy. Yes, completion can be messy.

All the paper bits and pieces, all the inky and glue-y fingers, and all the embroidery thread and everything else strewn around our living space is messy. I don’t have a dedicated spot to craft, so use our dining area until it’s time to clean up when we have a meal as a larger group.

One solution to the “paper-poop” (so named by a fellow crafter) has been a sticky clothes roller to use on the carpet to pick up the tiny corners clipped off of each piece of paper. This helps between vacuuming events.

Another wonderful solution to the mess has been the on-going patience of my beloved, who sees the benefits – it shows up in my uplifted mood. *wink* He’s the one who is neat and tidy, so this is a huge gift to me.

While there have been many ways to deal with the mess, one includes focusing on the end product.

It feels good when the end product works out well, doesn’t it?

Completion may be messy but it's satisfying!

Now, let’s be real here. Not everything we do in life has a start and end date…

And sometimes completing something won’t have a tangible outcome.

And that’s OK.

Don’t beat yourself up! (Hey! I consider having done the laundry a completion — at least until the next dirty thing hits the bottom of the basket!)

Regardless, I’m sure you have had experiences in life with the feeling of completion. Consider:

  • moving from one place to another
  • pulling off a festive event
  • birth of a child (or an idea)
  • the journey to a healthier “you”
  • completing an educational endeavor
  • one growing season to another (literal or figurative)

If you need some encouragement on taking a step toward a goal, read this!

What have you completed recently?

How did you deal with the mess?

And how did you feel when the project was completed?

What did I complete?

I finished 30 little Journaling booklets as homes for a project of 30 words exploring courage. For each word, I did a journaling card with portions of hymns on it. Here’s one as an example.

It was a challenge through a Facebook Group called “Jesus Journal Junkies” – August’s challenge was to use 31 words to explore how God encourages us to be strong and courageous. (I didn’t like the last word so I only did 30. *wink*)

And now I’ve completed 30 journals – one for each card.

That’s two big crafting things complete!

Along the way, I’ve “met” many other “Junk Journalers” Including Marci at the Creator’s Call Shop. She did a challenge and I WON! (insert big happy face here) I’ll show you what I won when it arrives… (or you can check out Marci’s video where she announces it!)

I invite you to take a look at some of the videos I’ve been making about the process of moving from doing to completion on my latest project: