A few days ago a positivity prompt directed us to pay attention using all our senses to things for which we could be thankful.

I found myself noticing all the little things:

  • the smell and taste of my fresh-brewed peach oolong tea
  • the color of a ripe strawberry fresh from the market
  • the bass timbre of my husband’s voice as we talked
  • the feel of my grandboy crashing into my generous-sized belly as he ran full-tilt into me. (I’m guessing he likes the residual bounce from impact because he giggles afterward. 😉 I’m thankful for that giggle, too! )

And when I posted a picture in our private Facebook group, a writer friend, Jessica Martinez, responded,

“I love the little things! Each one is like a whisper from God. “I’m here, I love you, enjoy!” 

I just needed to share that statement!

Positive people know they’re loved. And they see all those little things they enjoy as another way God is showing them that He loves them.

What are you enjoying right now?

In what ways is God showing you He is here, and that He loves you? 

Jessica Martinez is the author of two short stories on Amazon, “Elsie” and “Long Road Home“. Check them out! 

a whisper from God -I'm here - I love you - enjoy - Jessica Martinez quote

A whisper from God -I'm here - I love you - enjoy - Jessica Martinez quote

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