What are your valued treasures?

Go deep – I’m not really referring to those items you can touch…

“When we count our many blessings

It isn’t hard to see,

That life’s most valued treasures,

Are the treasures that are free!”

What do you treasure?

If you were to cross off all the tangible items from your gratitude list, what would be left? What do you treasure that’s not a “thing”?

I’m going to suggest that it’s all the non-tangibles you value that contribute to a character of thankfulness…

Would you agree?

Is being thankful part of your character?

How can you decide if thankfulness is part of your character as a person?

Perhaps a little exercise might help…

What if, for the next 7 days, you wrote down all the non-tangible things you value?

Would that be difficult?

How long would your list become – in one day?

I’d begin today’s list with the person who put my groceries into my truck. He was so cheery and optimistic, even though he was soaked through and through by the torrential rain. (I want to be like him!) I appreciated his attitude – I am thankful I met him!

QUICK! Write down 5 non-tangible things from today (or yesterday) that you’re thankful for…

Why is thankfulness important?

Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships.

Harvard Medical School

And isn’t that something we can all use during this difficult year?

What’s on my desk?

You might know that I’m enjoying playing with paper these day… at the beginning of 2020 I chose the Word “Make” as my word for the year. And, boy-oh-boy, has it kept me busy.

Right now, on my desk, are little gratitude journaling spots – four groups of paper crafts meant to provide a way to document a month’s worth of thankfulness.

  • a circle accordian gratitude journaling spot
  • an envelope with little square-ish cards
  • a pocket filled with tags
  • and a waterfall package of tags

They’re meant to make documenting gratitude easy and not to intimidate someone who may be unused to journaling.

The four ephemera (journaling spots) could be used for a month – one per week. Or four friends could share and do a one week’s worth of checking in with each other about developing a habit of gratitude.

If you click HERE you can watch the video I made about the circle accordion gratitude journaling spot.

Valued Treasures - Documenting Gratitude with a circle accordion journaling spot - learn how to make this!

And if you click on this link

you can watch the video of the other three…

Valued Treasures - Documenting Gratitude - a pocket full of tags to make note of all those things you value and are thankful for... learn how to make this!