Inspriation. Where do you find it?

Words can inspire.

Social media is filled with memes to inspire. We have phrases and quotes printed, painted, and created as art – and then we display them in our environment.

Words have power.

What words and phrases have an impact on your heart? Do you have favorite poetry that speaks to your soul? Which words or quotes have played a part in your life that make you thankful you had them – at that time?

Make a list of these powerful words.

And if you find this prompt for thankfulness difficult, reach out to gather ideas from your friends and family… think of song lyrics, or a homey “saying” a relative had. As a Christian, I treasure different Scripture verses and hymn phrases. They bring me great thankfulness.

As an example of this idea, I remember watching a movie where the heroine had a book from her mother filled with inspiring thoughts. Her mother had passed into eternity, yet the heroine had that book filled with words to draw close to what her mother felt important.


Could you create a book filled with words and phrases that inspire you? Start with this prompt to be thankful… begin with one inspiring phrase.

thankful for inspiration

Talking about inspiration – in August and September I spent time creating journaling cards with hymn lyrics, and then little booklets as a home for those cards.

Some of them are in my Etsy shop – check it out!