When you pray to God regularly, get ready…

because irregular things will happen on a regular basis.

This quote is by Mark Batterson, an American pastor, and author. His book, ” The Circle Maker: Praying Circles Around Your Biggest Dreams and Greatest Fears” is about prayer – big prayer. It’s about praying without ceasing.

Have you ever gone through a time where the only action possible was prayer? I have. And together with my circle of close friends, we’ve prayed a “circle” around a situation and then, eventually, saw God move in miraculous ways.

Are you in that kind of place right now? I encourage you to have faith – even if it’s only as small as a mustard seed. Reach out to those who are filled with a belief and faith in God, and ask them to join you in prayer.

Make prayer a regular activity. You will marvel at the irregular things God does!

pray reg

Pray regularly to God - irregular things will happen on a regular basis.