Is it going to work out?

It depends:

Do you think it will?

Our view shapes our ability.

If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.

Henry Ford

I’m not suggesting everything is possible, or everything will happen the way you think it will…

It isn’t. It won’t.


But, if you start with the belief it won’t work out… it probably won’t.

Why? (here are few ideas – I’m guessing you’ll catch my drift.)

  • you won’t keep trying after the first negative, because you’ll feel like you were right about the end result not working.
  • the level of energy you’d bring to the experience will be decidedly less than if you believed it would work out. Why put energy into something you don’t view as possible?
  • chances are, those who would help you… won’t… if you don’t believe it’ll work out. Why should they? All they can hear are your complaints and doubts, and see you giving up.

Optimism shows up to change the game!

This is where optimism shows up to change the game because it changes our view.

And our view shapes our ability. If we believe we can…

We move forward, even if we’ve failed before. We try again if we believe it’s possible.

Others hear us talking about our task succeeding – they see us trying again and again – they experience how we reach out and ask for help… and they’re much more likely to help us!

We renew our energy for the task – by being our own best friend and take care of our self.

Optimism is a tool. Use it!

Optimism doesn’t change the world – but if we USE it as a tool in our own life, then we’ll start seeing the world around us change.

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