Savor your meal.

Where and how do you eat your meals?

Living in 282 square feet, Rob and I haven’t set up a specific space designated for dining, so when we do use a table, it’s a folding tray between us. There isn’t much “savoring” happening in our meals – it’s more of a necessary consumption and then we carry on with life. I think this is an area we need to put some focus toward…

How are you doing with savoring your meals? 

Mindful = pause and notice. Does this happen when you’re eating? Harvard Health Publishing has an article I appreciate about this mindful eating idea. They suggest:

  • shop with intention
  • eat before you’re ravenous
  • pause to look at and appreciate what you’re eating
  • and more – read the article HERE

I imagine mindful eating is a journey, not a destination. And beginning is the idea…

How would you begin mindful eating?

Health - perhaps it begins with savor your meal

Eat mindfully - invest time savoring your meal.