Details. Do you pay attention to the details? I’m not a naturally detail-oriented person, however, surprisingly, paper crafting is developing in me a new love for the distinct tiny differences found when making items by hand.

I see how others who make things from paper are developing their ideas – the same prompts, the same items – yet how they put it all together is beautifully unique.

The real beauty often shows up in the those individual features…

Beauty in the details.

Isn’t it that way in life? We all have noses, eyes, and ears, and yet… we’re each beautiful in our own way.

For sure, every parent and grandparent can appreciate their children’s uniquely beautiful identities because of those details! We pay attention to the little hands, the precious first step, word, and accomplishment.

I was with our little grand-daughter today and watched as she held a toy – she was paying attention to the details…

Where, in your life, do you pay attention to the details?

  • if you cook or bake I’m sure the different ingredients matter. (Baking isn’t my forte because I don’t always pay attention to the details of the recipe. I’m sure I’d have better results if those pesky amounts were accurate (wink). )
  • some people love numbers. I imagine those who have a career in finance find the details of money a joy.
  • and words. Oh yes. Words. —Your, you’re and yore. It’s and its. There, their and they’re. Affect/effect. To, two, too. — And the list goes on. There’s a beauty in using the correct words and spelling them correctly when telling a story. I won’t even begin to discuss grammar… However, when a talented writer uses the details of the English language with skill, it IS a beautiful thing! (One of my favorite, skillful authors is C.S. Lewis – who is yours?)
  • artists must love details! Colors and textures and techniques and form and shape and more… Why can we have such disparate artists like Albrecht Durer and Jackson Pollok and yet find their work so beautiful? Their details! (well, that might be taking my argument a little too far, but you get the idea.)

The detail of values.

And then there are the values we embrace. There is great detail in values.

My husband spent years studying, writing about, and speaking on values. We discussed, at length, the meaning and nuances of each value. He has a list of 423 values he uses in an assessment to choose three top values. (Ours, as husband and wife, are Loyalty, Optimism and Discovery – if you’re interested you can read about them here.)

According to the detail of the values you choose to put into practice in your life you may, or may not find your life pleasing.

Pleasing features… parts of the whole.

What details – parts of the whole – make an impact on your life?

Where do you exercise your love of bits and pieces – the details – to make your life more beautiful?

What else could you pay closer attention to that would add to the beauty of your life?

Beauty in the details. How much attention to do you give to those details of life that could bring out how beautiful your life really is?

Check out this post on Gratitude – that’s another way to pay attention to the details in life to find beauty!

From crafting-with-paper I’m learning about the beauty and uniqueness found in using tea or coffee to dye paper, in tearing the paper to tattered edges, in the nuances of adding lace, color, words, shapes, etc to what I’m making. The detail of cutting out shapes and then shading them with ink on the edges. It’s all about the details…

Details when crafting with paper - the beauty comes from paying attention