What are the benefits of humility?

Humility is a state which helps us meet others where they are.

No judgment. No criticism. No fixing.

“Don’t criticize and speak evil about each other, dear brothers. If you do, you will be fighting against God’s law of loving one another, declaring it is wrong. But your job is not to decide whether this law is right or wrong, but to obey it.

Only He who made the law can rightly judge among us. He alone decides to save us or destroy. So what right do you have to judge or criticize others?”

TLB, James 4:11-12

Being humble doesn’t deny our own worth as a person,

rather it affirms the other person’s worth.

It’s like saying,

Yes, friend – you go first.

instead of

“Me first.”

Humility starts sentences with “you” instead of “I”.

It draws us closer together, instead of pulling us farther apart.

Unity could be easier when everyone strives for humility… 

What could be some indicators of humbleness in action? 

  • asking for help, when needed, without hesitation
  • giving compliments with ease
  • listening to understand the other viewpoint
  • graciously accepting help, compliments, or correction
  • embracing our differences because they make for a better team
  • being right without pointing it out
  • working with what we have, with a thankful heart

Humility says YOU GO FIRST

Consider C.S Lewis’ take on humility:

“Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.

Working to be humble means you’re deliberately letting go of pride and all its pitfalls. It’s looking at yourself with a clear view – neither all good, nor all bad.

Letting go of pride quickly tunes us into the uniqueness of others, and allows us to celebrate the gifts of others.

Proverbs tells us that:

When pride comes, then comes disgrace,
but with humility comes wisdom.

Proberbs 11:2 NIV

Ah – wisdom. That’s a benefit in every area of life. What if wisdom is as easy (or hard) as pursuing humility?

How do you feel humility is expressed?

Knowing, of course, that as soon as we self-profess humility, then we’re not humble…  <grin and wink>.

Humility affirms the worth of others

Humility says YOU GO FIRST - Benefits of Humility - where and how is it expressed?